Road Safety Devices

Roller System

It has the ability to absorb a shock than any other safety barrier when a car hits the Roller System and leads the vehicle to the driving direction by rolling the barriers itself and converting the impulse energy to rotational energy at the same time.

Reflectorized Thermoplastic Markings

is a single component type of coating designed primarily for concrete and asphalt roadline markings requiring maximum resistance to abrasion, wear and weathering. It has excellent adhesion to fresh or cold concrete and asphalt. The incorporation of carefully selected fillers and glass beads, makes its retro-reflection measure up to world standard of luminance.

It can stand all kinds of weather outlasting the service of conventional traffic paints by more than 12 times due to its high resistance to abrasion.

With its durability, is 5 times less expensive than ordinary traffic paint. The comparative cost analysis has not even considered fuel wastages brought about in the use of slow-drying traffic paint

Instant Road Repair System

Megacol is available in two grades. Standard Grade for repair over 10mm in depth, and Fine Grade for holes over 5mm in depth and a tight finish is required.
It is economical to first compact approximately 20mm MEGACOL across bottom of hole, then fill remaining cavity with 6/10mm chippings well compacted and top with MEGACOL as final course.
For large repair/overlays, use of a roller will ensure smooth/even compaction. Do not use plate compactor.
Minimum shelf life (both grades) 10 months in buckets, 4 months in sacks. Tightly close part used packs for future use.
It is not affected by extremes of heat, cold, snow at the time of repair or subsequently.
Abuts well to metal and has proved very suitable for installation around drains, manholes, etc.
Can withstand heavy and continuous traffic impact from moment of repair for many years.
Has great adhesion, does not contract, has no liquid/aggregate separation and remains flexible throughout cure time which is dependent on traffic weight, temperature, etc.


Different guardrails that onforms to DPWH Standards and specifications